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Welcome to WISE Philosophy…a comprehensive wellness program for emotional eaters who misuse food to numb and avoid uncomfortable feelings. Using a long-term, small group setting (10 months with 8-12 members) WISE offers Wellness, Insight, Support & Education to understand the root cause of our emotional hunger and how to heal and move on. Whether you are a potential Group Member or Group Facilitator, please see below for more about what we offer (Our Mission).

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Company Overview:

The WISE Philosophy is an educational group for people who want to improve their mental and physical well-being, including being at a healthier weight. WISE emphasizes:

  • Well-being (instead of weight)
  • Insight (as opposed to denial)
  • Support (to provide encouragement and accountability)
  • Education (the cornerstone of real change)

Based on a highly successful three-year pilot project, we have created a long-term intensive program (75 hours over 10 months) for those who overeat to manage their emotions, stress and anxiety.  If you do not feel that this is why you are overweight, then this is not the program for you.

While we ultimately look at food and activity, this is not the focus of the program. There are no weight goals, no weigh-ins nor a prescribed diet and exercise program to follow. Instead, we look at issues such as our legacy of family of origin, anger, twisted thinking (including that Voice in Our Head), self-esteem, Diet Head mentality, body image and resistance and how they have shaped our emotional F.A.T., (feelings, actions and thoughts).  With this understanding, we can determine what action we are willing to take to achieve true and enduring emotional and physical wellness.

Here are other important foundations upon which the WISE Philosophy is based:
  1. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is much more complex than we think. Thus simplistic advice (such as eat less and exercise more) will always be insufficient.

  2. It is normal human behavior to resist change – however, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires significant modifications in different areas of your life. Learning how to balance change with resistance is a necessary part of the process.

  3. We all want to feel that we matter, that we are heard. That we are smart enough and good enough. Acknowledged and validated. Everyone’s details are unique but the resulting pain and anger (passive as well as aggressive), and feelings of rejection and abandonment when we do not feel we are valued, are surprisingly similar.

  4. No one is coming to rescue you (not even this program). You must embrace personal responsibility (as opposed to being the victim who blames or makes excuses) and the fact that you alone are in charge of the life choices you make.

  5. To do well at this program, you only need commit to commitment. The only way you can fail is to completely give up.

Our Mission

For Group Members

WISE Vision

The WISE program is a long-term, credible and effective way to guide overweight people through a process of becoming happier and healthier, making a significant and positive impact on obesity, one of the largest health crises facing Canadians today.

Value Proposition

  • WISE helps overweight people become healthier and happier, and can guide them to achieve significant and sustainable long-term weight loss.
  • The WISE program is beneficial to the majority of overweight adults, i.e., those using food to medicate their fears, stress and anxiety and who cannot distinguish the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.
  • WISE is a unique alternative for overweight people compared to traditional gyms and health clubs that focus mainly on exercise, and different from more established weight loss programs/associations that concentrate mainly on diet and exercise, and who measure success strictly by pounds lost.
  • Using trained WISE Facilitators, we offer a structured, long-term program based on well-being, insight, support and education to help overweight people who recognize that they "eat" their emotions, better understand themselves and to make more positive choices about food and lifestyle.
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For Group Facilitators

WISE Vision

To provide those in the helping profession with a credible and effective training program to guide people through a process of becoming happier and healthier, making a significant and positive impact on obesity, one of the largest health crises facing Canadians today.

Value Proposition

  • WISE Facilitators, ideally those in helping professions with experience in group dynamics and active listening, benefit from an intensive 2-day training session led by WISE founder, Clare Lord, that prepare them to facilitate their own WISE programs locally.
  • The pricing of the WISE Facilitators' Training Program offers an attractive business model. Facilitators have the potential to recoup their initial investment and begin generating a profit at the moment the group begins to meet.
  • Through modest partnership fees, we support all certified WISE Facilitators with extensive Community of Practice activities: dynamic web site, Facebook page and Twitter program, group enrolment process including validated questionnaire and applications, ongoing training updates, and corporate marketing and PR initiatives.
  • You may not become rich facilitating a WISE group but you will definitely become enriched!
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