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As Education is the “E” in WISE, we believe it is important that any information provided on our site be credible, unbiased and free of commercial interest, be it our original content or links to other sites.

With that in mind, below are discussions on many diverse topics to get you started. Almost all these subjects are discussed in a WISE Group but you may be surprised at how much you can help yourself on your own and with the guidance of a qualified mental health professional.

We want to be your source for the biological, psychological and sociological conversations about weight, emotions, dieting and related topics. Let us know if we are meeting this need, including additional suggestions of how we can do better.

Happy learning!

Food / Diet (10)

If you are looking to learn more about how to create a relaxed relationship with food that doesn’t involve dieting, click here. There’s a lot to chew on!

Activities (7)

When we see ourselves “as” an active person, rather than a person who “has” to exercise, it’s easier to create a strong mind and body. Here are some ideas to get you moving!

Personal Development (13)

wiseMomentAs part of a WISE Group, participants complete exercises and writing assignments that are shared when they meet. We have posted some of our most insightful examples in hopes you will find inspiration.

Additional Resources (6)

There are many excellent sources of obtaining a healthy weight without dieting, how to create a healthy relationship with food, reimagining activity, and understanding why we overeat. Here are some of our favourites – dig in!

TED Talks and more (5)

A woman uses a tablet while drinking coffee.Do you prefer learning through listening? Browse through our selection of WISE videos, handpicked to give you some WISE insight. Sit back and enjoy.