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When we see ourselves “as” an active person, rather than a person who “has” to exercise, it’s easier to create a strong mind and body. Here are some ideas to get you moving!

Be Happy in 30 minutes

9 Things You Can Do to Be Happy in the Next 30 Minutes.pdf-1Happiness comes from all the small little things that happen to us every day. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to see them. Here is 9 things you can do to be happy in the next 30 minutes:

              1. Raise your activity level
              2. Take a walk outside
              3. Reach out
              4. Rid yourself of a nagging task
              5. Create a more serene environment
              6. Do a good deed
              7. Save someone's life
              8. Act happy
              9. Learn something new

Yoga is for everyone, even you

Pose Archive Yoga JournalA study in the medical science monitor reported that quality of sleep improved for patients with established sleep problems when they completed a yoga and meditation practice. They found that yoga + meditation during the day = better quality sleep at night. Here some interesting illustrations that show you many poses of yoga that you could do at home. And to learn all there is to know about yoga, go to Yoga Journal website.



Opinion: Why exercise? How you answer can affect the outcome

other exerciseMONTREAL — When the temperatures begin to rise and the snow has disappeared, people think of dieting and exercise. But there is more to exercise than meets the eye. How many of us start out in spring with high hopes, only to feel discouraged by summer over how the excess weight still looks?

Exercising in order to look good can be disappointing. However, I’ve found that if I exercise in order to feel good, the rewards are many...

8 Great Motivating Messages That Guide Superstar Athletes

8 great motivationDo you ever imagine that you are in the Olympics? As you wait for your turn to perform, you wonder how it will go. Will everything you’ve been working on pay off? Will your parents’ sacrifices be worth it? Personal and family pride is hinging on your performance. Not only that, your entire country is counting on you to stoke the fires of patriotism. Too bad your practice sessions haven’t been going well...

Find An Activity You Love

I was talking with my friend Fabio recently about his falling off the “exercise wagon.” He seemed totally committed to getting back on — but he said something that troubled me...

Fitness: Ten habits successful exercisers have in common

fitness gazetteDo you ever pass a runner or cyclist on the street and wish that you had their get ’er done attitude? What is it about these dedicated exercisers that sets them apart from the millions who have yet to establish any kind of workout routine? Do they benefit from an enviable amount of willpower or are they in possession of an exercise gene that makes working up a sweat second nature? While the jury is still out on whether the will to exercise is passed on from parent to child, there are a few things that dedicated exercisers have in common...


Benefits of Yoga


Although Yoga can be approached as a complete lifestyle, integrating components of it into your current activity plan can be very enriching...