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The Diet Head Statements I Struggle the Most With…

Diet head statements I struggle-withBecoming WISE about our emotional eating means moving to a focus on well-being from an obsession on weight loss. This is only possible if we stop thinking with our Diet Head and let go of the damaging emotional FAT (feelings, actions & thoughts) that keep us stuck in old patterns. (See “Are you thinking with your Diet Head ” in our Take-Out Menu/Eating section for more information).

Here is what the WISE women had to say on this topic:

Mary Julia…I compare myself to others because it makes me think that if others can lose weight and be slim, why can’t I?

Alexandra…I have always been competitive. I always had to be the best. Now I just give up because I can’t be the best.

Joanna…I eat in secret because it feels good. No one can comment on my eating and I can zone out. This is a big one for me…I love eating alone with a book or the TV.

Courtney….Comparing my body to others and having weight fluctuations affect my mood are really the same thing. Both are comparisons and for both I am either superior or inferior.

Christina…Not only do I compare myself to others, I ask my husband how other women’s bodies compares to mine – it drives him nuts.

Emily…I think thinner is better and so I think I’m a better person when I am smaller. Which is crazy.

Natasha…I eat when I am stressed, depressed or mad – I have “witnessed” myself being mad at my husband and going straight to the fridge saying to myself, “I’ll show him”.

Victoria…I feel really good about myself when the weight is coming off. I love the comments, the new outfits, increased sense of confidence. But then something happens and I start to sabotage myself. I get uncomfortable with how I look and I start making excuses for my over-eating. I’m too lazy to do the work.

Paige…I have completely programmed myself to think of myself as a failure when I gain weight and a winner when I lose it. Worse is that I always end up sabotaging myself as if to prove I’m a loser.

Maria…it is difficult to let go of the belief that my life would be better if I lost weight because if it’s not true, that would mean that something else is wrong with my life.

And you, budding WISE Woman? Which of the Diet Head statements apply to you? Let us know!

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