WISE Groups


WISE Group members with hands together

The WISE Support Group Program:
  • Is a long-term intensive curriculum (75 hours over 36 weeks with 10-12 participants in each group) based on a 3-year pilot program
  • Consists of 10 modules that include (among others):
  • Legacy of family of origin
  • Anger
  • Twisted thinking
  • Self-esteem
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food
  • Activity
  • Body image
  • Resistance
  • Focuses on why we use food to deal with negative emotions, especially stress and anxiety.*
  • Uses Well-being, Insight, Support & Education, to explore your emotional F.A.T., (feelings, actions and thoughts) so that you can determine what action you are willing to take to achieve true and enduring emotional and physical wellness.

* If you do not feel this is the reason you are overweight, then this program is not for you.

Other Important Aspects:
  1. While group members ultimately receive evidence-based information about food and activity, this is not the focus of the program.

  2. There are no weight goals, weigh-ins, nor a prescribed diet and exercise program to follow. It is you that will be determining whatever action you decide to take.

  3. The cost is $15/hour.

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