Clare and "Men Get Pregnant Too" examine the relationship between parents, children & food

Wise and Men Get Pregant Too

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Parents, Children & Food: A Complicated Relationship

I was listening intently to a radio interview with Clare Lord of WISE Philosophy, a program she founded "for emotional eaters who misuse food to numb and avoid uncomfortable feelings." I was curious about how a parent who was an emotional eater may pass some of those nutritional habits - as well some as those emotional scars - on to their children.

I spoke to Clare directly. The answers she had for me were startling. Not only do I now have a new perspective on disordered eating, I am also now more aware of how, as a parent, I should be careful of how I use food in my own household. First, I wanted to understand how men and women (mothers and fathers) have developed different self-images where weight is concerned.

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