My WISE Experience...

Emotional FAT

It’s our emotional FAT (feelings, actions and thoughts) that matter.

I had no clue how my past was related to my inability to lose weight.  I was sure that if I just found the right diet plan, that this would be the answer.  WISE has helped me understand the emotions behind my weight and what triggers were causing me to overeat.  I learned to be more mindful of my feelings – which has helped me gain control of my eating habits.


Not a Number!

I stopped confusing my weight with my worth.

All my life I’ve been ruled by the endless voice in my head.  Over and over, it reinforced that I was a failure, a screw-up and that I’d never be a success if I didn’t lose the weight.  WISE has helped me end all the negative self-talk, find self-acceptance and see my worth beyond a number.


Diet Head

It’s my well-being – it’s not the weight.

I had the classic Diet Head mentality when I started my WISE group.  I was sure that if I could just lose the pounds, I would be happy.  Once I started to focus on my wellbeing (as opposed to weight & food), the weight loss followed!


Root Causes

Digging deeper has led me to eating less.

Through the WISE program, I was able to identify the root causes of my everyday stress and why I was using food to deal with it.  These valuable insights have helped me feel less pressured and anxious, which means I’m not pigging out like I used to.  It’s nice to be moving towards a healthier weight.