My WISE Experience...

Food & Guilt

Give yourself permission to eat “forbidden” foods

Growing up, I learned very quickly that cake, cookie and chips were verboten “treats” and would make me “fat”.  We had potatoes without butter, vegetables without dip and sugar free and fat free everything else.  As a result, eating these “bad” foods became my way of rebelling against my parents – only now it’s my husband.  I was terrified of eating these foods (sure I would never stop) but the funny thing was, the more I told myself I could have them (and let myself), the less I wanted them.



When thoughts and actions match up

I work from home and have a lot of control over my schedule.  For years, I would tell myself I would schedule a 30 – 45 minutes break and do something active but would always find a reason not to do so.  What I came to understand through WISE was how my inconsistency between what I was saying and doing was taking a toll on me and making me anxious – which I managed with cookies (among other things).  I started with one day a month (yes, one day a month!) and after 5 months I went to one day a week. And now, I can’t wait for active break in my day!


10 pm Feedings

No more 10 pm feedings in bed!

I finally realized that eating every night in bed while watching TV wasn’t just a bad habit, it was my way of dealing with my chronic anxiety.  I realized I was just holding my breath all day, doing whatever I needed to do to get through my day and then just letting it out with a big woosh late at night (followed by inhaling everything in sight!).  Once I started to nourish and take better care of myself during the day, the need to binge at night diminished and then stopped.


Listen to the Anger

Anger means that something has to change – you!

When we did the Anger module, I was adamant that I was not an angry person – I thought being nice and a doormat made me such a good person!  But I started to see that not only was I really mad deep inside but that I was taking it out on myself by bingeing until I thought I was going to burst.  Through WISE, I have learned to be positive, stronger, more assertive and in charge of my life. Thank you!